With the growing e-cigarette market in the present day, more people are making use of tobacco-free cigarettes leading to this becoming a common sight. According to Thomas Wellenbachs Blog there has been a mixture of both relentlessness and acceptance from the general public as far as e-cigs are concerned. The website livescience.com states the rechargeable electronic cigarettes are on any day an advantage over the usage of tobacco and hence it has been welcomed with open arms by those who have borne the brunt of tobacco smoking. This offers the best of both worlds and hence the warm reception for it amongst the smoking public.

It is recommended that first timers and not so heavy smokers can do with disposable e-cigs, to begin with. Rechargeable electronic cigarettes that are also known as refillable electronic cigarettes come with different types of tanks and cartomizers. Some bigger units come with options to adjust the voltage or the cartomizer’s coil temperature. These help in facilitating changes in the vapour and flavour according to the tastes and preferences of the smoker.

Usage Tips
Here are some tips to use rechargeable electronic cigarettes which will invariably help in getting over smoking traditional cigarettes which are harmful to health:

· Find out which e-cig and flavour you like the most – try as many options as you can till you get it right and stick on to your preferred choice
· Rechargeable electronic cigarettes can be used once you are familiar and have decided on the preferred flavour
· Use it in-between regular smokes for a change in flavor or to get used to tobacco-less smoking
· Try vaping in places that you may not smoke otherwise such as while walking to the car park, inside the house, in the office, in the bar, in outdoor public events, etc.
· Take quick e-cig breaks whenever you feel like hitting it and you can use it in the rest room The exhaust will do the trick of chasing out the vapour
· Make it public: Inform those who are known to you that you have moved on from regular tobacco smoking to rechargeable electronic cigarettes.

Encourage other tobacco smokers you know to take up e-cigs. Having company will help in overcoming the habit and moving on efficiently into the world of electronic cigarettes. There is a line between being a considerate vapour and an arrogant one – never cross it at any given point of time since moving on. While being a regular smoker, you could be used to being shunned and forced away from entrances due to your habit.

Tips To Remember:
Do not vape at family events or near children
Do not vape in places where people can see you – on subways, trains and aeroplanes
Do not vape in safe environments such as care centres and hospitals
Never try vaping in public places such as retail locations, grocery stores or banks

Ensure that your enjoyment of a good smoke does not become a bother for others even though technically it spells no harm to them like a tobacco smoke. Move on to the world of non-tobacco smoking without creating inconvenience to others.