rose gold ring

The rose gold rings are trending the fashion markets with its vintage appeal. It stands apart from other choices with a pinkish hue that gels well with any skin tone. The engagement rings made of rose gold add to the romantic appeal by being a beautiful metal. Most importantly, they are the best bet for smaller budgets. The portals of feature the latest trends in the jewelry market. So, if you are interested to know more about these rose gold rings, here you go with some important must-know facts.

Understanding the rose gold alloy
The gold as such is soft for designing any jewelry. Hence it is always mixed with alloys to make it more durable. Similarly, the rose gold metal contains gold along with alloy mixtures in different percentages. Copper along with a little silver is used as an alloy in rose gold to derive the pink hue. For instance, ten parts of pure gold are mixed with fourteen parts of alloy mixture to obtain 10k rose gold.

As the percentage of real gold increases, the alloy mixture decreases in the final metal. In 18k rose gold, you can find 18 parts of pure gold and only six parts of alloy amalgams. As the composition differs, the rose gold color can vary significantly. When the percentage of copper is higher, you get a bright red tinge. When you mix a little silver as an alloy, the color turns pink.

Make your fiancée feel romantic
Apart from being the trending choice, the rose gold rings are a perfect option to add to the romance quotient. The romantic look of the rings enhanced by the vintage look is pure bliss. You can choose any gemstone to adorn your rose gold ring. The peachy-pink morganite gemstone in the rose gold ring can elevate the mood of the special day. The entire cost of such beautiful rose gold ring adorned with gemstones of your choice will not even reach one-third of the diamond ring’s price.

More durable and easy on maintenance
As the rose gold rings contain copper as an essential alloy, they last longer. Copper being a hard substance makes the rose gold more durable when compared to the white and yellow gold. If you are wearing a rose gold ring, then you will never have to worry about the scratches. Apart from these benefits, the rose gold rings retain their shine without any special care. It does not involve any regular maintenance cleaning.

A flattering engagement ring
The pink colored rose gold ring can flatter your fiancée in a single look. You do not have to try anything else to win her heart. The trendy rose gold ring cannot be imitated easily. It can save you from spending an enormous amount of money. The beauty of these rose gold rings is rediscovered by the top notch jewelry designers. You can either choose a vintage or contemporary style rose gold ring for your engagement based on your budget and preferences. So, make your unique style statement by picking a beautiful rose gold ring for your fiancée to make the special day even more memorable and romantic.